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Life Between The Notes is a community-based project geared towards bringing the south central PA music community together with a collection of interviews of local musicians, creating a historical archive of the rich musical history in this area. We intend to provide all of our local musicians (and generations of future musicians) a resource from which to draw upon our interview subject’s experiences. Throughout the Covid pandemic which began effecting us in the spring of 2020, musicians have suffered through losses of income, well-being and peace. Through these interviews, shared ideas, and musings we will strive to bring helpful information, fun and inspiration to our new space on social media.

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Thursday Mar 28, 2024

Welcome back to our 22nd episode of Life Between The Notes, the podcast that delves into the lives and experiences of talented musicians from south central Pennsylvania. In this episode, we're thrilled to welcome the immensely talented horn player, Shari Gleason-Mayrhofer!
As a busy freelance musician and dedicated teacher in the Lehigh Valley-Berks County area, Shari brings a wealth of insight and stories to us, including anecdotes about legendary horn players such as Bill Vermeulen and Barry Tuckwell, offering a unique perspective shaped by her own experiences in the collegiate world.
Throughout our conversation, Shari opens up about the challenges and rewards of a musician's career, shedding light on the highs and lows of navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry. From her esteemed role as the Executive Director of the Friends of Chamber Music of Reading to her positions on the faculties of Kutztown, Moravian, and Lehigh Universities, as well as Muhlenberg College, Shari's dedication to music education and performance shines through. We also explore the invaluable role of private lesson teaching, touching on its profound impact not only on individual students but also on the broader musical community.
Whether you're a fellow musician seeking inspiration, a music enthusiast eager to learn more about the lives of performers, or simply someone who appreciates engaging conversations, this episode is sure to resonate with you.
So sit back, relax, and join us as we navigate the fascinating world of music with the remarkable Shari Gleason-Mayrhofer on Life Between The Notes. Don't forget to subscribe for more enriching discussions with talented musicians.
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Sunday Mar 03, 2024

Discover the path to a fulfilling life as a musician on the B-List. Join Kirstin Myers and Morgann Davis in this casual conversation as they discuss self-discovery and balance in the world of music. Gain insights on navigating the unique challenges of a musician's career including cultivating intentionality and finding fulfillment in your own musical journey.
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Sunday Apr 23, 2023

Heavily influenced by his musical father, Peter Brye has, in turn, influenced and brought joy to hundreds of other young musicians in Pennsylvania and the east coast. While he is now retired as conductor of the Reading Symphony Youth Orchestra and as professor of music0 at Millersville University, at 72 he still continues to perform with the Reading Symphony Orchestra and teach cello students in his private studio. He has been a large part of the RSO‘s history with his tenure as cellist and cover conductor spanning musical directors Louis Vyner, Sydney Rothstein and current conductor Andrew Constantine.
Peter joined us in his studio to discuss his brilliant teaching and performance career. There is a lot of musical history in the Reading and Lancaster areas packed into this episode and while we go down many different paths in our conversation (sometimes arriving at the point of ridiculousness 😅), it is obvious that Peter’s energy and enthusiasm for music and life, along with his humor, is inexhaustible. Please join us for this enjoyable roller coaster ride that is Peter’s life… between the notes.

Monday Apr 10, 2023

The beautifully creative spirit along with the eclectic career of Maria Thompson Corley shines in our 19th episode of Life Between The Notes. The Jamaican-born pianist was raised in Canada until her acceptance to Juilliard which brought her to the States. Maria’s creative pursuits have blossomed in her freelance career as not only a pianist but also an author, composer, arranger, voice-over artist and the music director at St. Thomas Episcopal church in Lancaster, PA.
It is here we learned that Maria knew from the age of 6 that she wanted to be a concert pianist and how she didn’t let what could have been a career and life-altering car accident at the age of 17 dissuade her from pursuing her dream.
Our conversation ranged from the satisfaction she gets from practicing a challenging piece to to other challenges in her life like raising 2 young adults, one of whom is a musician herself and the other a talented artist who brings great joy to those around him.
Maria shares many gems in this episode, especially for those considering a path as a freelance artist including advice on not tying your self-worth into your popularity or talent.
Speaking of talents, Maria’s seem to be endless, and we are so honored to have her share them here with us. We humbly present Maria’s take on music, family and life…between the notes.

Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Born on the east coast and raised in the Midwest, Venona “Nonie” Detrick has been living a life filled with curiosity, love and of course…music. As a young child, she was hooked on her parents Reader’s Digest LP subscription while doing the chores she detested, but it was seeing a violinist on TV’s “Miss Frances’ Ding Dong School” that reeled her in. Ten years later, after her parents lobbied the school board to start a strings program, she was finally fulfilling her dream.
In this episode, Nonie relays her life with the violin, marrying her pastor husband Joe (yet also confiding that the “devil made them do it” 👀) and raising 3 boys in the Dallastown Area School District in York, PA where she also worked as a string teacher for 17 years. It was here that she met her treasured colleagues David Diehl, Anne Moul and Colette Wichert who she describes as “excellent teachers”.
Nonie is the founder of the York Area Suzuki Superbowz and the No Strings Attached string quartet. She has been a member of the York Symphony Orchestra for 34 years and has played in over 15 orchestras in her lifetime in the Midwest and Pennsylvania.
As you listen, you will come to understand how passionate Nonie is about not only her family, but inspiring younger generations by instilling in them a love of music just as she did with her own children.
We began this episode with a posed question which was in reaction to the Super Bowl LVII game with the Chiefs vs. Eagles that was played just the night before. The coincidence that Nonie is the founder of a group named Superbowz wasn’t lost on us!
This insightful conversation was just lovely and we are so happy to share Nonie’s life…between the notes.

Sunday Mar 12, 2023

“I need to create an audience for classical music.”
Cellist Jan Dixon has carved an incredible career out for herself as not only a member of the Reading Symphony Orchestra, assistant conductor of the Reading Youth Symphony Orchestra and director of the Orchestra Zone program but also as an inspirational music educator in the Berks County area.
Luckily for the musical youth of Berks County, Jan was able to overcome an ill-fated encounter with a soda a bottle she was made to play in her elementary general music class which eventually steered her away from wind instruments and led her to the cello.
Jan relays stories of Louis Vyner, Wes Fisher “the musical father of all of us in Berks County” as well as her inspirational co-workers at Governor Mifflin like Skip Norcott, Paul Cusano, Bob Cooper and Kathryn Fellman. Jan also credits Paul’s wife, Ann Cusano with helping her find her first teaching job in Norristown.
This episode is chock full of other great stories harkening back to days of live music her grandfather played for silent movies, smoke-filled audition rooms and secrets revealed as to how her parents finally got her to practice. 😮 We hope you love this enjoyable conversation as much as we did!
Here is Jan’s life…between the notes…

Sunday Mar 05, 2023

Trumpet player, Philadelphia Eagles fan and former public school teacher Todd Fulginiti chats with us while in the middle of a long and diverse career. Always open to exploring many different avenues, Todd has transitioned from an elementary general music & chorus position in public school to eventually broadening his career as a freelance musician and writer.
In this episode, Todd (a former student of his trumpet teacher John Hess), reveals his struggles as a college student including the weight of Music Ed’s heavy course load, the challenge of ear training and how he persevered to earn his degree…eventually learning along the way that it’s always OK to change your mind.
This episode identifies heavily with the “humanness” of a diverse career and we learned that Todd’s heart shines most when his family is involved. This is most evident in his yearly holiday endeavor with the Fulginiti Family Band which releases a single every year to raise proceeds for local organizations like Music for Everyone, Meals on Wheels and most recently for Dave Castarello’s My People on the Street Project.
This episode is sponsored by the York Youth Symphony whose winter concert, in combination with the York County Senior Honors Choir, is Sunday, March 12, 2023 at 3:00! Tickets can be purchased at Please visit for more information about the YYSO.
Get ready for a fascinating take on a varied musical career. This episode has a little something for everyone (even football fans)! Please enjoy Todd’s life…between the notes.

Monday Feb 27, 2023

From a childhood that included moving seven times throughout the midwest, to eventually making her home in Lancaster County, the incredibly talented and thoughtful Elizabethtown College instructor Faith Shiffer shares her story of how she fell in love with the clarinet in 4th grade and never looked back.
The clarinet, which has remained a constant throughout her life, has taken her from the beginnings of playing on a metal instrument handed down from her Uncle to playing national tours for Sunday in the Park with George, Chicago and South Pacific.
Throughout our wide-ranging conversation, we talked not only about her touring experience, falling in love with her future husband (trombonist Steve Shiffer) in a "pit" of all places (!) but also how she manages the stress of sometimes having 70-hour work weeks and gives great tips on how other musicians can do the same. Ultimately, though, Faith has found that the actual sharing of music has become the most fulfilling aspect of being a performer. Throughout this beautiful conversation we agreed that it is not only sharing music with others, but it is also the support we give each other as musicians that is so vital to our well-being.
Thank you to Faith for her insight and sharing her life...between the notes.

Tuesday Feb 14, 2023

Musical visionary and Lancaster county professor/conductor, Dr. Brian Norcross, shares his musical life and experience in our first interview episode of 2023!
The Franklin and Marshall professor and Allegro Orchestra Lancaster artistic director tells us many tales of his musical journey which began with what it was like growing up with a musical mom who helped foster his passion for music from the start. Brian's destiny seemed to be sealed from the beginning with his love for practicing and later pursuing his dream to become a high school band conductor. As life does, there were many twists and turns, but his relationship with Frank Battisti, who is described as "one of the most respected champions of music for winds in America", is what turned his direction toward the path of his current career. In this episode we learn what drives his desire to commission new compositions and what he feels would be a wonderful addition to the Lancaster county music scene for large ensembles.
Weaving in humorous tales of his experiences with his primary instruments, other conductors, a doctoral dissertation that turned into a published book and what led him to ultimately becoming a collegiate wind & orchestral conductor - Brian shares the rich history of his musical life in and out of Lancaster county...between the notes.

Tuesday Jan 31, 2023

On January 7th, 2023, Life Between the Notes was invited to be a part of the Susan Miller “Make Music!” Festival in downtown York, Pennsylvania.
This FREE event was hosted by many organizations in York County including: the York Music Teachers Association, Studio 117, the YCPrep, The York County Honors Choirs, Public Disco Porch, the York Youth and Junior Symphonies, and the Shine Foundation.
The entire day was filled with musical hands-on activities and drop-in sessions for musicians of all ages and levels. There were also live performances by students and professionals throughout day at The Appell Center, MarketView Arts, Heidelberg UCC, St. John Episcopal Church, Creative York, and York's Central Market House.
Morgann Davis sat down that day with 22 participants ranging from ages 5 thru adulthood. Most are already playing instruments but some were at the festival just to dabble and see what there was to offer. In this episode, they experienced what it was like to be interviewed on a podcast and shared their love of music, practice tips and even how the York community is embracing the local music scene.
Thanks to everyone who took the time to participate, what a great day it was for music in downtown York!


Who are we? 

Kirstin Myers and Morgann Davis are freelance musicians in south central PA who have a deep desire to connect with the rich musical history of this region. Their mission is to archive the stories and lives of local musicians for their students, colleagues and the public at-large.

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